Medallion Indoor Environmental Testimonials

Dear Medallion, Your Process is Incredible! My leased meat market was vacated without notice with the tenant leaving behind meat trays and various other perishable items.  You can imagine the rank odor that was produced after, over a month of rotting.  The building was under health inspection by the local authorities as we had two sets of tenants living above the commercial business. One treatment by Medallion and you could actually enter the building and begin cleaning up the mess.  Once we got rid of all the garbage and dead meat one final Medallion treatment and it was like a new building. I am pleased to recommend the service to anyone with a contaminated building.  The service is incredible. Sincerely,
Vince Demasi, Dennis Meats
My name is Bill Kok, former broker owner of Coldwell Banker Gold Creek Realty and former Manager of Coldwell Banker Tri-tel Realty in Maple Ridge, B.C.  I have an asthma condition and while living by a river found my home consistently had a musty mildew odor. This not only was unpleasant to smell everyday, but I felt it was also affecting my breathing. After using the “Medallion Sanitization Treatment” throughout the home and in my crawl space, the home was 100% better and my breathing improved immensely. I do not hesitate to recommend Medallion to all my friends and clients. They are a quality company with a very valuable service.
Bill Kok, Coldwell Banker
Dear Medallion, Just wanted to say a big thank you from Peter, Aneika and I.  You went out of your way to help us alleviate the smell in Aneika’s room/closet and now that weird smell has disappeared!  We really appreciate your kindness in the matter.  Take care and we’ll be sure to let others know of your professionalism. Warm regards,
Kiran Davey, Critical Care Medicine, ICU Administration, Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre
It has been 3 months since we had our new home treated with the Medallion air purification process using ozone. As a result of this process, we are continuing to enjoy a significantly reduced level of indoor air pollution in our home. This process was of great importance to me as I have been experiencing significant environmental sensitivities for some time and react very strongly and quickly to environmental pollutants. It is my belief that the effectiveness of the ozone treatment is the only reason I was able to move into our new home. Thanks again for your professional approach in implementing this process. I look forward to a follow-up treatment when we are finished our repainting. Best regards,
D. Wiens, Toronto, Ontario Resident
Dear Don, I am writing you this letter with gratitude, for the job you & your son did on my listing at the above address.  The results that were achieved in this experiment were absolutely successful. The house in question, was an older (1952) home, in which the previous owner had not done any upgrades or renovations. The “old house smell”, which was very apparent before the ozone treatment, was gone after the treatment.  I received numerous comments from prospective buyers that the house did not smell at all. One very important side effect from this procedure was, after the treatment, we were able to detect a small gas leak, which was rectified immediately, therefore avoiding potential danger to the home or it’s inhabitants. I would highly recommend this process to any & all of my fellow realtors. This process definitely eliminates all odors, making the home much more marketable in these competitive times. The small cost for this service is certainly worth every cent. It’s a quick, efficient and very effective way to improve the value of a home or vehicle. Thank you for the opportunity to witness this process first hand, and I’m sure that I will use this tool in the future. Best Regards,
Michael Fynn, Re/Max Landan