Medallion Indoor Environmental Inc.


Sanitization Treatments

(Performed by a Certified Medallion technicianOnly available in British Columbia & South West Ontario)

There is now a safe and natural solution to removing and eliminating mold, smoke damage, pet odors, chemical smells (VOC’s -new car or house smell) and harmful asthma or allergy-causing bacteria. Medallion has the technology and the methodology to solve these modern day problems.

The typical Medallion treatment takes 4-12 hours.  During this Treatment, there can be NO people or pets in the building.  Trained Medallion technicians will explain the process and the set up required which may require you to do some preparation work in order to insure the best possible treatment. Once the sanitization treatment is complete the Medallion technicians vent the building with clean fresh air to insure the home or building is safe to re-enter.

We operate all our programs based on WCB requirements. Make sure you ask for our Pre-Treatment Checklist so that you can prepare your home for the treatment and get the maximum benefit!