The RespirCare Data Review and Medallion Client Support Program

Do you want to expand your business to include Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) inspections?  Or do you simply want to increase the amount of environmental inspections that you currently perform?  One of the largest challenges of the Indoor Environmental Inspection and Investigation industry is being able to understand laboratory analytical data.  The analytical data resulting from sampling for mold, allergens, asthma triggers and volatile organic compounds can be confusing.  In fact, many avoidable problems arise from field professionals misinterpreting analytical data.  In some instances, inspectors provide only the laboratory analytical data directly to the client without any summary of findings or coversheet; you can imagine the confusion that results from this practice.

BACKGROUND:  In the last few years the number of foreclosed and vacant homes has increased, creating a growing need for Moisture Intrusion Inspections and Mold Testing.  Many inspectors are trained to provide a moisture inspection but may be uncomfortable when recommending mold testing.

FACT:  The USEPA recommends the following:  If you believe that you may have a hidden mold problem, consider hiring an experienced professional.


RespirCare Analytical has spent the last seven years perfecting a system that provides the inspection professional with the support needed to effectively meet their client’s needs.  We have over 70 inspection firms that use our service and benefit from the following:

  • Analytical laboratory data review AND data interpretation
  • A summary coversheet for each project that confirms your training and certifications
  • A summary coversheet for each project that explains the laboratory data to the client in easy to understand language
  • Data interpretation for each project that recommends further action when needed
  • Phone conferencing with the client to explain the data when you feel the questions may be more than you can handle, or when you are unavailable to talk to the client
  • Phone mentoring when you find yourself unexpectedly “in over your head”.

Who performs the data review service?

Currently this service is performed by Michael Buettner, the founder of RespirCare Analytical, with certifications as follows:

  • Council Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) #01918
  • Council Certified indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM) #0710047
  • Mike Buettner served as the Strategic Markets Director and Training Director for Aerotech Laboratories, now known as EMLab P&K.  Mr. Buettner has reviewed thousands of analytical data sheets and remains active conducting regular field inspections and investigations.  Mr. Buettner’s laboratory relationship and active field experience gives him intimate knowledge of how best to incorporate the needs of the field inspectors/investigators with the demands of a quality analytical services laboratory.

Why would I want to be part of this program?

  • Expedited laboratory turnaround
  • Lower fees for highly accredited laboratory data
  • The benefit of having an extra set of trained eyes looking at your data
  • The ability to inform your clients that you have a CIE and a CIAQM reviewing all of your data at no additional charge to them
  • An increased confidence level in the service you provide
  • The confidence of knowing you are not alone when you are asked the hard questions

The analytical data review summary provided to you is personalized for each inspection or investigation.  This valuable summary provides your client with an explanation of the analytical findings as well as recommended solutions to any issues that may result from the laboratory analytical data.  The analytical data review service includes a mentoring program that will enable the inspector or investigator to better understand the laboratory services and analytical data, giving you the competitive edge in your market.  To qualify for this program, your training must be verified by RespirCare Analytical and Medallion Indoor Environmental. 

Don Schmidt, President, Medallion Indoor Environmental Inc. has been closely associated with RespirCare Analytical and EMLab P&K for over ten years.  The EMLab P&K laboratory network currently provides 100% of Medallion’s laboratory sampling analysis.  RespirCare Analytical, in conjunction with EMLab P&K, provides training in the Phoenix, Arizona laboratory location where all Medallion technicians are certified. Mr. Buettner will also attend our training sessions at Medallion Head Office in Maple Ridge, BC Canada and to your place of business if required. Expect the Best from Medallion for equipment, training and analysis of all indoor environmental issues.

The feedback we have received from the inspectors and investigators who are currently using the RespirCare services has been terrific.  Many of our associates have volunteered to provide you with direct feedback if you are interested. 

Please call 800.283.9512 or e-mail to find out if becoming a RespirCare Associate is right for you.