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pdf_icon   Auto Air Treatment – Steve Okun

pdf_icon   Aztech Mold Remediation Study – Jess Schmidt

pdf_icon   Effectiveness on VOCs in a New Display House

pdf_icon   IOA:PAG Air Treatment Task Force – Case Study

pdf_icon  Medallion Healthy Homes Ozone Study – Ken Holmes

pdf_icon  Medallion Ozone Methodology – Marshall L. Lowen

pdf_icon  Medallion Ozone Case Study

pdf_icon  Medallion Mold Study

pdf_icon  Medallion Mold Study 2

pdf_icon  Treatment of Mold- and VOC-Contaminated Residential Homes

pdf_icon  Penn State Thesis – Air Disinfection Systems

pdf_icon  Fungicidal Efficacy of SCO Technologies Ozone Generation System

pdf_icon  Ultraviolet Light in Offices McGill

pdf_icon  Effectiveness of Ozone in Reducing VOCs in a New Display House