Laboratory used for Sample Analysis:  EM Labs Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona: Rated in the top three Microbial labs in the world.

Medallion Indoor Environmental:  Employees and Consultants

Rip G. Rice – PH.D Organic Chemistry – Medallion Consultant

Jesse Schmidt –  VP Operations – Medallion; CRMI ACAC

Shannon Nast – Project Manager EMLab

Don Schmidt –  President and CEO

Colin Burden – Inspections – Medallion and RespirCare

Cavan Patrick – Sales Manager – Medallion and RespirCare

Ed Gatey – CIH Certified Industrial Hygienist – Medallion staff

Michael Buettner – CIE, CIAQM, and RespirCare Analytical Consultant

Dan Mohan- Corporate Operations Analyst

Jesse Schmidt CRMI

VP Operations @ Medallion Indoor Environmental Inc.  

dba Medallion Healthy Homes

Servicing the Lower Mainland, BC

Mr. Jesse Schmidt’s career presents strong experience as a business owner, respected industry figure and a significant contributor to the development of industry standards.  Over the last seven years, Mr. Schmidt has inspected over 1000 microbial contamination projects involving commercial and residential properties.  As a Certified Mold Inspector, along with other indoor air quality training courses under his belt, his experiences qualify Mr. Schmidt to inspect, perform pre and post remediation testing, interpret reports and devise remediation plans for all types of Sick Buildings.  Over the last 10 years, Jesse has provided expert consulting to restoration and remediation industry leaders for a variety of cases.  Known to his peers in the industry as the “Ozone Guru”, it’s easy to see why he is a repeat guest on the Morning Show with Shell Busey answering listeners questions.  With his open mind and years of hands on experience, Jess is always learning and researching new techniques to use and teach others in the Indoor Air Quality business.  Furthermore, Mr. Schmidt has completed more than twelve hundred treatments successfully, which adds to his field knowledge making him one of the more experienced Indoor Air Quality Experts in BC.

Affiliations   Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association  (IAQA)

Member the Mould Remediation Industry Committee MRIC in BC responsible for writing the format and requirements for the Hazardous Waste industry in BC

Member of the International Ozone Association  (IOA)

Inspections and sampling following the Guidelines of the American Council for Accredited Certifications  (ACAC)

Certified Safety 3M Train the Trainer Instructor

Jesse Schmidt  is active in supporting the advancement of professional and industry trade organizations related to indoor environmental quality. Medallion’s core team of consultants, and affiliated company members, are in regular contact with other leaders in their associated industries so first hand knowledge is always available for any situation.

Significant affiliations include:

  • American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)
  • International Society for Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ)
  • Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)


CRMI – Certified Residential Mold Inspector 

Certification received after education, testing and passing grade.

VOC’s and Their Role in Indoor Air Pollution

EM Labs training course

Additional Training

Mold and Medallion Indoor Environmental Training Course

Medallion Indoor Environmental Inc.

Setting the Standard for Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Indoor Environments

Project Manager at Medallion for Mold Remediation

Indoor Air Quality Expert

Restoration Consultant

Indoor Air Quality Investigators Course

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association

Restoration Consultants

MIE follows ACAC guidelines for Inspections and training. ACAC is the only certifying body in the IAQ field to achieve independent third-party accreditation from the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB)

RIP G. RICE, Ph.D. Consultant

Dr. Rip G. Rice holds a B.S. in Chemistry (George Washington University, 1947) and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (minor in Physical Chemistry) from the University of Maryland (1957).  After working as an analytical chemist and Research Chemist for 10 years in various U.S. government laboratories in the Washington, DC area, Dr. Rice became a chemist in the aerospace industry (General Dynamics) in Ft. Worth, TX and San Diego, CA for the next 5 years.   Returning to the Washington, DC area in 1962, Dr. Rice then worked 10 years for W.R. Grace & Co. as a Research Chemist, Supervisor, then Director of Contract Operations.  He left Grace in 1972 to become a consultant in Ozone Technologies, a position he has held ever since. 

In 1973, Dr. Rice co-founded the International Ozone Institute, now the International Ozone Association.  He has served as IOA’s International President (1982-1983), was Editor-in-Chief of Ozone:  Science & Technology, the peer reviewed Journal of the IOA, and was also Editor-in-Chief of Ozone News, the newsletter of the IOA during the 1990s.  He has authored more than 100 papers dealing with various aspects of ozone technology, and has edited or co-edited 20 books, proceedings or monographs in the field of ozone technology.  In 1995, Dr. Rice received the Morton J. Klein Memorial Award for outstanding service to the IOA.  In 2004, he received the Leadership Award of the IOA’s Pan American Group. 

Although much of Dr. Rice’s ozone consulting areas of expertise involved ozone treatment of potable water, wastewaters, swimming pools, cooling towers, his primary technical activities are in the fields of air, food, and agriculture applications of ozone.  He has been Vice Chairman of the IOA/PAG Task Force on Air Treatment and Chairman of the IOA/PAG Agri-Food Task Force since their formation in 2002.   Dr. Rice also served in a consulting role to Medallion Healthy Homes as Executive VP of Environmental Compliance, advising on appropriate uses, methods and regulations involved in improving the quality of indoor air through ozone treatment. 

Qualifications of EM Labs P&K in Phoenix, Arizona

When Severn Trent brought together the capabilities of P&K Microbiology Services Inc., an internationally recognized pioneer in indoor environmental microbiology, with the largest provider of indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, EM Labs Laboratories, Inc., the most formidable team in the indoor air quality market was created. With over 100,000 square feet of available production and analytical space, the EM Labs P&K team is staffed with hundreds of qualified professionals, including Ph.D.s, chemists, mycologists, and microbiologists. The EM Labs P&K team provides multiple analytical services including Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial Hygiene (IH), Consumer Products and Food Safety (CPFS), and Environmental Testing. As one of the A2LA*, EMLAP, IHLAP**, and NELAC** accredited laboratories, the EM Labs P&K team’s mission is to deliver quality, timely, and legally defensible data, immediate responsive service, and short turnaround times to clients around the world.

The EM Labs P&K team also offers a full line of Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene equipment and supplies, online services for tracking projects and ordering supplies, and an unparalleled project management program to ensure excellent customer service.

The EM Labs P&K team is the one-stop location for information, resources, training, analyses, sampling equipment and supplies for the global environmental industry. Environmental professionals all over the globe use the EM Labs P&K team to meet their microbial, chemical, and traditional environmental analytical needs. The team of EM Labs P&K consistently provides the support necessary to allow clients to do the best job possible.

Advanced analyses, equipment, facilities, accreditations, quality assurance programs, and the most highly trained staff in the industry are what have made the team of EM Labs P&K the industry leader. The EM Labs P&K team constantly strives to be one step ahead in services and resources to make the job of the environmental professional as streamlined as possible based on the most advanced procedures and analyses.

With vision and excellence, service and quality, the EM Labs P&K team delivers the finest results!

That’s the EM Labs P&K difference!


The EM Labs P&K team operates at multiple locations with several laboratories totaling over 100,000 square feet of testing and production capacity for all of your environmental needs. The state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology, which allows the team of EM Labs P&K to offer you the most advanced analyses in the industry. During business hours entrances and exits to the facilities remain locked unless monitored by EM Labs P&K team personnel. Visitors are required to sign the visitor logbook and are accompanied at all times by laboratory personnel. After business hours all entrances and exits are locked and require a key or entry code to gain access. EM Labs P&K encourages clients to tour all of its facilities and meet their project manager. A tour can be arranged by calling your project manager or new client services.

Staffed with highly trained and degreed professionals, including mycologists, registered microbiologists, certified indoor air quality professionals, and those at the Masters and Ph.D. level, IAQ and CPFS laboratories are located in state of the art facilities capable of handling all of your laboratory needs.

Indoor Air Quality Facilities

EM Labs P&K Microbiology Services, Inc. hold accreditations from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)* and specialize in a variety of analyses. EM Laboratories, Inc. and P&K Microbiology Services, Inc. are accredited to perform over 40 specific methods including Air-O-Cell® cassettes, surface swabs, dust, and PCR analyses.

EM Laboratories, Inc.

IAQ Facility

1501 West Knudsen Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85027


fax: 623.780.7695

P&K Microbiology Services, Inc.

IAQ Facility

1936 Olney Avenue

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


fax: 856.489.4085

Service Center Locations:

EM Labs P&K – Pensacola

3355 McLemore Drive

Pensacola, FL 32514


fax: 850.478.2671

EM Labs P&K – San Francisco

1220 Quarry Lane

Pleasanton, CA 94566


fax: 925.484.1096

EM Labs P&K – Tampa

6712 Benjamin Road, Suite 100

Tampa, FL 33634


fax: 813.885.7049

EM Labs P&K – Houston

6310 Rothway Street

Houston, TX 77040


fax: 623.445.6289

EM Labs P&K – Los Angeles

1721 South Grand Avenue

Santa Ana, CA 92705


fax: 714.258.0921

EM Labs P&K – Miami

10200 USA Today Way

Miramar, FL 33025


fax: 954.431.1959