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Inspection Equipment


Mini Mold Inspection Kit- EmLite II

Mini Mold Inspection Kit- EmLite II

The Mini Mold Inspection Kit is perfect for the new IAQ Professional. 110v

 MIE Part number: 003-3422-00

 Kit Includes:

  • High Volume EmLite II Pump w/ 6′ tubing and rotameter
  • 10 Air-O-Cells
  • 10 Liquid Swabs
  • 10 Sampling Bags
  • 10 Tape Lift Kits
  • Universal Sampling Tripod
  • Heavy Duty Case with Custom Foam

MIE Standard Kit

 EmLite DC Powered Sampling Pump

EmLite DC Powered Sampling Pump

The EmLite DC Powered Sampling Pump is a battery powered EmLite pump designed for IAQ sampling with low backpressure sampling devices such as spore traps at flow rates from 2-20 LPM. 110v. 220v available upon request.

MIE Part number: 002-3372-00

Features Include:

  • Easy to use built-in timer
  • Built-in adjustable rotameter
  • Quick reset to 5 minute Run Time
  • Flow Range: 5-20 LPM (low backpressure spore traps, such as Air-O-Cell) & 2-8 LPM (Carpetcheks)
  • Runs approximately 2.5-3 hours per battery charge
  • Charger may be used to run the pump on AC Power
  • Rechargeable Lead Acid battery pack
  • HEPA Filtered Exhaust
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Telescoping Sampling Stand that extends to a height of 36 inches
  • Sampling stand can be removed and stored inside the case
  • Housing Dimensions – 15 L x 9 W x 10.5 H
  • Weight – 18.8lbs (8.5kg) (including charger and sampling stand)
  • One year warranty

Protimeter Surveymaster SM Moisture Meter

Protimeter Surveymaster SM Moisture Meter

This moisture meter has two modes of operation: Search and Measure. These modes enable the user to distinguish surface moisture from sub-surface moisture, essential information when trying to establish the extent and cause of a moisture problem.

MIE Part number: 008-2095-00

Moisture level values are shown on a digital display along side a color coded light scale.

Features Include:

  • Insulated (Except On Probe Tips) Deep Wall Probes Provide Quantitative WME Readings At Depth, Regardless Of Surface Moisture And Surface Contamination By Salts
  • Two-Pin Head and Lead for Awkward Corners and Under Work Surfaces

Item Includes:

  • Carrying Case
  • Wood Calibration Table
  • Calibration Check Device
  • Two-Pin Head and Lead
  • Insulated Deep Wall Probes

NORTH 1:2 Mask Respirator

NORTH 1/2 Mask Respirator- Large (or comparable)

The NORTH half-mask respirator is constructed of soft hypoallergenic silicone for a comfortable fit. One-piece cradle suspension keeps face piece in place with no irritating pressure.

MIE Part number: 010-2151-LG

NORTH P100 HEPA Filters and Ozone Filters

 NORTH P100 HEPA Filters and Ozone Filters

These NORTH HEPA Filters are used with the NORTH Full Face and Half Mask. 2 per pack
Part number: 010-2152-00

Extech™ Humidity Temperature Pen 445580

With the ability to simultaneously display temperature and relative humidity, this compact hygrometer is an ideal tool for any field investigation.

MIE Part number: 008-2163-00

Features Include:

  • Simultaneous display of Temperature (C/F) and Relative Humidity
  • Max/Min and Data Hold
  • Built-in self calibration utility allows for field calibrations using optional Relative Humidity calibration bottles

Item Includes:

  • Includes meter with pocket clip and 3V lithium battery and case

 Mini-BUCK Calibrator-M30B 100cc:min- 30LPM

Mini-BUCK Calibrator-M30B 100cc/min- 30LPM

The Mini-BUCK Primary Flow Calibrator is for day-to-day flow verification and calibration of battery operated pumps, personal and environmental sampling pumps. It is also suitable for verifying rotameters.

MIE number: 005-3235-00

The mini-BUCK is accurate at any altitude. Rugged design provides fast, one-handed operation with an easy-to-read LED display visible even in sunlight. Flow cells are sun shielded, with a sealed bubble stem for pressure readings, easy to clean, wont leak even if unit is inverted. The mini-BUCK automatically displays averaged readings of volumetric flow and is NIST traceable with display accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

The above calibrator can be shared by multiple companies to reduce cost.

 Air-O-Cell® Cassette

Air-O-Cell® Cassette

Disposable cassette used for identification of molds, pollens, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers and inorganic particulate. Sample at 15Lpm.

MIE LabPart number: 003-2022-00

Quantity Discounts available:

  • 1 to 9
  • 10 to 30
  • 31 to 49
  • 50 to 499
  • 500 or more

The Air-O-Cell is a unique air sampling cassette specifically designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers and inorganic particulate. The Air-O-Cell collects both viable and non-viable sample specimens, providing a much broader overview of potential allergens and contaminants than conventional sampling techniques.
The Air-O-Cell operates upon the principle of inertial impaction. Particulate laden air is accelerated as it is drawn through the cassettes tapered inlet slit and directed towards a small slide containing the collection media, where the particles become impacted, and the air flow continues out the exit orifice. The adhesive nature of the collection media prevents the collected particulate from blurring or being washed off during the laboratory staining process, and eliminates sample loss from vibration during handling and shipment

Liquid Swab

Liquid Swab (Formerly AeroSwab™)

Custom-made for EM Lab P&K, the Liquid Swab is ideal for sampling viable and non-viable contaminants. Each tube contains 1ml of Phosphate Buffer solution and is easy to use. Can be used for USP 797. Free to EmLab P&K clients with analysis.
MIE Part number: 012-2076-00

This equipment meets IESO standards for sampling. Please specify exact quantity desired.

Tape Lift Kit

Tape Lift Kit (25 pack)

The Tape Lift Kit is used to take surface samples for mold and microbial contaminants. The easy to use design is perfect for any IAQ Professional. Free to EmLab P&K clients with analysis.
MIE Part number: 012-2123-00

A Sample ID label is a part of the tape lift so samples are never mixed up. The tape lift includes a glass slide and slide protector. Tape Lift Kit has a square in the center that is 1cm squared.